Sunday, June 5, 2011

Places To Go, Stuff To Do, People To See.

Today I caught myself daydreaming about how nice it would be to be anywhere but where I am now. Not that I don't enjoy the beauty that is surrounding me in the form of the beautiful Utah Mountains, Its just that I want to be somewhere, well… Warm. That's all. I decided rather than wistfully wishing I was somewhere, how about I do one of my favorite things in the entire world and look at pictures of those places..? I decided that would be the best option, so here are some of the places I came up with, (along with the help of my Brides Magazine and its article on great honeymoons spots….)
Here they are!

  1. Bora Bora!

    I mean honestly, who could possibly have anything against a place THIS BEAUTIFUL!?

    I would love to be here, right now.

  2. Greece!

    I have always wanted to go here and see the sun bleached buildings, and eat the amazing, unique Greek food. :]
    Not to mention see some really cool historic places, hey, I'm allowed to be a tourist in my vacation fantasy!

  3. Orlando, Fl

    Ok, I know, not as sophisticated as the first two, but to this location I am no stranger, I practically grew up in the Disney and Universal studios Parks, (I was born to ride roller coasters, I am convinced of that.) This is where my fiancé and I plan to spend our honeymoon courtesy of my amazing dad and mom who are going to graciously give us their timeshare so that we can have a super luxurious honeymoon suite for close to no money. Parents are the best!

  4. Paris, France

    This is an obvious choice for me as I speak almost fluent French, (I took 6 years of it through middle and high school) I made a deal with my dad when I was little that he would take me to Paris if I learned French. Well, here I am, one year out of high school and almost fluent. I think he's waiting for me to remind him. This will be that reminder. ;]

  5. Italy!

    I simply LOVE everything Italian. Really I do. Food. Boys. Architecture. Music. The romantic situations that can be achieved in such a place. I would love to go here, to any and all of these places in Italy. I have a certain number of extended family who are Italian and live in Italy, but I have never talked to or met them. (They speak only Italian, and not very good English at all.) I think I was meant to be born here. I am Italian after all…

  6. Antigua!

    The final place I am day dreaming about going to at the moment is a beach in Antigua. I want to nap in the shade of a palm tree, while the warm water laps at my feet. I want to splash in play in the crystal clear water and then smother on Aloe Verde 'cause I forgot that I would bake after a full day of sun. ahhh paradise. :]

    Well, enough daydreaming for one day, I'd better get back to work as the bulk of my final projects this semester are due this week. :} everyone needs a break now and then right?


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  1. Ha! This is pure torture. The cold weather, I mean. It is JUNE for heaven's sake! But I love the locations you picked out. Wow. Especially Bora Bora and Greece. I hope you get your trip to France soon!


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