Wednesday, February 2, 2011

SethAndBrittany are ENGAGED!

once again, im posting this sooooo long after my last post, but with the holidays ending, my lovely Seth coming to visit, and school getting started back up i really havnt been able to find time to post Seth and I's exciting news! Were engaged! 
sooooo heres the story.... enjoy!

"Being currently in a long distance relationship, Seth and I cherish every second we have together. One of our favorite things to do when we are together is to try new restaurants and food that we wouldn’t normally try. For New Years Eve we decided we would do something we both know we like, and celebrate being together by dressing up and having a romantic date night. Little did I know that Mr. Seth had bigger plans for the evening. We made our reservations for New Years Eve at my favorite restaurant, the Melting Pot, and anxiously awaited our special night out on the town.

When New Years Eve day come along we all had a great morning of sledding in the mountains with my brother, cousin, parents, and family friends. When we got home we both got ready for our date night and headed to the city. We were both so excited to be dressed up and have time alone that we didn’t even mind the traffic and cold. We got to the restaurant and everything was perfect, the weather even waited to start snowing until we got inside.

We were seated at a cozy, private corner booth near a large picturesque window looking out onto the city. The snow fell gently our entire meal and we both enjoyed our time just to be together. By the dessert course I excused myself to the ladies room while Seth stuck around to order our chocolate if the waiter came back.

When I returned to the table Seth was smiling from ear to ear and said to me “Well, this seems as good a time as ever.” My heart skipped a beat as he pulled a little box out of his pocket. He handed it to me, and inside of it was a small locket with the outside resembling angel’s wings. “Open it up!” he said excitedly, so I did. On the inside of the locket was a picture of us from our last visit together, and on the edges of the angels wings were the small cursive words “Will you marry me?” I was so surprised that I looked up at him to see if I was seeing things, and to my even further surprise he was on his knee at the edge of the booth, holding the prettiest little ring I’d ever seen. Then he took my hand and said, “Brittany Seidel, will you marry me?” Naturally I said “Yes! Of course!”

And the rest is history. Well sort of. And Seth and I couldn’t be happier to be engaged finally!"

and now some pictures!


Melting Pot:                                                                                                                                    

 Engagment Pictures numero Uno!

needless to say, we had a great new years and imensly enjoyed our time together! welllll, back to work now. hope you enjoyed my pictures!