Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ideas For my Lovely Wedding!

It has been forever since i posted. i know this. i am offically halfway finished with my sophmore year of college (i'm finishing in winter 2012) and it just doesn't seem possible.
Seth and i have decided that we are waiting to get married until i graduate because i currently am having my school paid for my the air force GI bill. if we marry before i finish, then we will have to take out new loans and deal with lots of debt as newly weds. thats not exactly what i want to start a marriage with, so for now we are PLANNING! (which is much fun!)
 i love pictures so here are the ideas i have come up with thus far.

This is the inspiration board of my thoughts for what we will do color scheme and accesories-wise.

seth and i! he makes me so happy! :]

The dress that i want! find it here!

Our color scheme, Navy, and Apple Green, with accents that will include creams with touches of browns and whites and blacks.

i LOVE white and green bouquets, i will carry white with green accent flowers, and my lovely ladies will carry green with small white accent flowers. Thanks to green flower ideas and advice!

love this for me!

I am planning on making my own cake toper, i work with polymer clay alot ( like these) , so i will love adding this personal touch.

i absolutly love the look of the birdcage veil for the reception, so the plan is to get a long veil for the ceromony and the fun short one for after the ceromony.

Seth and i are looking at different venues that fit our ideas for the southern wedding. this is a picture of Plantation Farms, in Byron GA. i think this is currently our top pic for our ceremony and venue.

I already have a wonderful photgrapher booked for our big day, she is amazing at what she does, and i just love her to pieces! her blog is super inspiring for those planning a wedding. Check Miss Rebecca out! She is just too cute!

well, im sure there will be much more wedding talk to come. i hope you enjoyed my ideas! I would love friendly advice as well! :}

<3 Brittany Elizabeth