Thursday, October 22, 2009

Dinner Time?

Candy Sure looks good, huh?
As of right now I'm wishing it was raining chocolate, dropping bubble gum from the skies, and filling lakes with tasty Dr. Pepper. That would be heaven.
not to mention free cheeseburgers to anyone who dares to fight through torrents of coffee floods. Yeah, Coffee's EXACTLY what i need right now.
Off, to go make some.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My lovely first post (Long Day)

Today has been a long day...
Three AM rolled around and I woke to hear a horrible, tearing, ripping sound originating from somewhere near my feet. It was Loud. I was so startled that all I could do was lay there and hope that my room wasn't being forced into by a night crawler of some sort. then my sleep ebbed away and i realized that it was a false alarm. My lovely four dollar picture frame from walmart sadly did not make it through another nigh hanging from my wall. The inexpensive, yet still cute frame had managed to disconnect the front half from the hanging cardboard half, and took a nose-dive for my cluttered floor. Needless to say when i actually woke up I was kinda at its loss, and added it to the list of things to get next time i go to walmart.
The next lovely section of my morning was occupied by my car refusing to stop yelling at me in the form of a very distracting blinking light on the dashboard. Apparently the coolant fluid was low. or something like that.
My day has gotten better though, while driving to the car place to get the blinky thing looked at, my favorite song played in the car on my favorite radio station, K-LOVE. the song is "How He Loves" sung by the David Crowder Band. God truly works in amazing ways, because it made me think... "If I've had a some-what bad day, i know there are many more people out there that have had a worse day." that's how God works, one song, and I'm back to singing his Praises and thanking him for all that he's blessed me with.
I'm super excited for later tonight, after church me and my amazing boyfriend, Seth, are gonna head to sonic to enjoy life and catch up on our days. and I can't wait.
(first post! YAYA!)