Tuesday, December 21, 2010

i want these!!! :}

ok, i reallllllly want to make these lovely little cupcakes. they just look soooo yummy and cute. maybe i'll do them in christmas colors? i think yes!!!

yummmmmm. :]

i want to eat alll of them!

find them here!

pictures and ideas credited to Dana On Made!


Christmas puppies!

"mes chiens sont très mignons."
i took this picture in front of my christmas tree. they all three sat, and i said the magic word... (treat!?) and bam! christmas puppy amazingness!

The Elves Are Here :]

Christmas is just 4 days away!  Here at my house we have all been suuuuuuuper busy decking the halls and such. i got to give my first Christmas present yesterday to a good family friend ( a hand painted fluer de lis on canvas painting! she loves fluer de lis!). i had worked so hard on it and was sooooo excited to give it away that i decided i would document the giving with pictures and then blog about it in my post! so here are my pre-Christmas pictures, from the wrapping paper, to the smile on Miss Holly's face when she first got her gift!

pile of hidden presents in my room. (mostly for mom!)

our tree!

i just lovveeee this picture!

the snow in Sandy, UT, right outside my appartment!

snow is just lovely. wouldnt you say?
cant wait til Christmas! then Seths plane comes in the next morning!

have a great day!

Brittany Elizabeth <3

Sunday, November 28, 2010


ok, i admit it. ive been slacking on this blog a little. ok... alot! but i have a good excuse, really! i moved to five classes a week at Ai and i have been super busy keeping up with that and with staying active in church and my boyfriends life. all this combined is not easy when you are in a long distance relationship and cant see your other half but once every four months. so talking on the phone daily is crucial. but its working well for us (for now!) until he can move to the salt lake area next fall. speaking of my lovely boyfriend, he is coming to visit for christmas and i am soooo stoked! i have compiled some picture examples of the photo shoot type pictures we want to take. :} we have lots of time apart and lots of pictures to make up for in just nine short days so i took the thinking out of our photoshoot planning for us. here are some pics of what i was thinking for our adoarble photoshoot plans!

the umbrella picture.

a sky looking picture

and a walking away picture. :}

just some ideas! cant wait to see him!!!

Brittany <3

Sunday, September 19, 2010

my photoshoot, avec ma cousine!

quick pics i took today! i think im getting better.. ;] enjoy!

All these pics taken and edited by me! :]

BrittanyElizabeth ♥

Saturday, September 18, 2010

my activities that i did this week!

this week was supppppper fun!  Tuesday i hung out pretty much all day with my artsy friends from school! we had so much fun being kids, playing at the playground, drinking slushies, trying on Halloween masks and laughing til we had tears in our eyes.

Thursday i had perspective class and Friday i had design class.

this was on the board in perspective class.
this is one of my drawings for my final for perspective class.
and this is just a two point building.
this is a drawing that i did in my design class while i was supposed to be paying attention... actually pretty much all my drawings were inspired because i was bored... :]
yay for boredom!
this is a guy in my perspective class who got tired and took a little break...
 movement exersize...
and my cute little critter thingys. :]

pancake and cupcake :]
(about the size of a penny)
my cardinals (the size of a quarter)

the goddess athena and her owl. my friend athena's birthday present.
(about an inch tall)

more to come next week!
hope you enjoyed!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

lunch with mama on the outskirts of salt lake city!

Today was a good day. my mom and i decided that we were gonna explore the options of sandy, UT, for some tasty culinary choices for a good lunch.
we started by heading down state street and stopping in at the CUTEST little bakery, "Nothing Bundt Cakes", dessert sounded like the best option at the time so we went in. we were instantly rewarded for our choice by the best smelling shop in town, complete with adorable decorations, and two very nice people to explain to us how the shop worked. :]
we ordered our  white chocolate raspberry "bundtlet" (the equivilent of a cupcake only bundt shaped), then headed back out to find lunch.

 It didn't take us long before we came upon a soup and salad place that sounded good, (ZUPAS!) so we went in. we were greeted at the door by a very nice lady who asked if it was our first time eating there, we said yes, and she gave us the low-down on how to order, what was most popular and the special of the day. Zupas was soooo crowded, which to me was a good sign. everyone seemed happy who was eating and it smelled amazing in there. so we got in line the long line. it went fast and soon we were ordering our salads and sandwiches, and sampling and picking out our soups. the best part was that we got to try a sample of the soup before we ordered it. which was good and bad because i changed my mind each time i tried a new soup, they were all soo good! the people were some of the best servers that ive seen at a semi-fast food place in a looooong time, they actually seemed as though they enjoyed their jobs. which was nice to see, amazing food and a pleasant atmosphere. good deal. :]
we got our drinks and once again i was surprised by the sheer amount of choices they had for soft drinks. they even had syrup pumps so that if you didnt want on of the many different kinds to choose from you could just create your own flavor. that was soo cool to me.

we ate our lunches and enjoyed each others company, then when we were done we returned to the car to try our "bundlet". we were both pretty full so we said that we would try a little bit, save half, and let my mom take it home with her so that my cousin and brother could try it. that plan really didn't work out so well... we pretty much demolished the cupcake, and licked the bowl clean. it was soooo good. I strongly recomend both places, Zupas,  and Nothing Bundt Cakes. they were both sooo good.  needless to say, lunch was great, dessert was AMAZING, and the time spent with my mom was, of course, priceless.

The End!