Tuesday, December 21, 2010

i want these!!! :}

ok, i reallllllly want to make these lovely little cupcakes. they just look soooo yummy and cute. maybe i'll do them in christmas colors? i think yes!!!

yummmmmm. :]

i want to eat alll of them!

find them here!

pictures and ideas credited to Dana On Made!


Christmas puppies!

"mes chiens sont très mignons."
i took this picture in front of my christmas tree. they all three sat, and i said the magic word... (treat!?) and bam! christmas puppy amazingness!

The Elves Are Here :]

Christmas is just 4 days away!  Here at my house we have all been suuuuuuuper busy decking the halls and such. i got to give my first Christmas present yesterday to a good family friend ( a hand painted fluer de lis on canvas painting! she loves fluer de lis!). i had worked so hard on it and was sooooo excited to give it away that i decided i would document the giving with pictures and then blog about it in my post! so here are my pre-Christmas pictures, from the wrapping paper, to the smile on Miss Holly's face when she first got her gift!

pile of hidden presents in my room. (mostly for mom!)

our tree!

i just lovveeee this picture!

the snow in Sandy, UT, right outside my appartment!

snow is just lovely. wouldnt you say?
cant wait til Christmas! then Seths plane comes in the next morning!

have a great day!

Brittany Elizabeth <3