Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sunny days and Tuesdays?

Today was a bad day. i know i know everyone has those, but i really had no reason for my day of horribleness.

i believe it was school. i'll admit it, i have an extreme case of Senior-itous (wanting to be done with high school so bad you can taste it...) but that doesn't mean that every person i pass in the hallway has to be as inmature as a two year old. honestly, people have no manners. i kinda think i should have lived in another era. like when boys had manners and not every girl was a.... *cough* HOE *cough*... i mean honestly, what happend to the boys holding the doors for the ladies, and the girls wearing more clothes to school than just a censor-bar of coverage? is that actually attractive now that boys act like gorillas and girls dress like hookers to attract the gorillas? i dont buy it. i want to live in the golden age of our country. where chivalry wasn't yet dead, and people spoke in more than curse words and one syllable grunts. yes. i believe in real conversation and phrases, call me crazy.

anyway, to aviod further putting myself in the dumps im gonna list all of the good things about today that happened to make it not so terrible.

  1. I wore my favorite shirt today. it was the right way to wake up. its silly, i know, but you gotta enjoy the simple things in life. especially at 6 in the morning when you just happen to pull "ol' faithful" out of your drawer to don for the day.
American Eagle Tees!- only 15 bucks :]

       2. sweet text messages from my love (Seth)! i dont want to sound mushy, but i have the best boyfriend EVER! he is one of those manly guys who refusses to watch "the Bachelor" with me, but then still procedes to say things that could melt an igloo. everyone needs a Seth. Especially on a bad day!

        3. ok, two thumbs wayyyyy up for the time travelers wife. while being sad at some parts it was altogether an AMAZING moive. just saying. if you havn't seen it, stop what your doing, get this movie, grab some chocolate, and hunker down on your favorite spot for a good sappy love story ♥

    4. white mint chocolate chip ice cream. mmmmmmm.... need i say more? this little treat searved in a wonderfully cute little dish does the trick to bring my mood up every time i need a lift.

           5. my puppy! Daisy is the newest addition to my family and if you dont belive in the healing powers of puppy love, she would make you a believer.
this is her in on of my old doll sweaters. she is soo cute!!

welllllll... this list has, surprisingly, lifted my spirits considerably, if you can believe that. if theres anything i've learned its that God can use even the simplest of things, (like a list on a personal blog) to show you how blessed you are. and i am definatly very blessed.
I'll write again later!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Today is Saturday.

Today is the day we've all been waiting for. Saturday! i forgot to write a blog yesterday so i plan to make up for it by writing a good one today, pictures included. my house is finally about to go back to normal this evening. its a funny story, really. my family volunteered to puppy sit 3 7ish week old puppies on top of our already crowded household of two young australian shephards and our newest addition, Daisy, (the sibling of the rascals we are watching.) Yup thats six dogs under two years old (see Puppy Mayhem ) the week has been chaotic, hair-pulling, stressful and very smelly. but on top of all the negatives it ws kinda fun.. :] our happy family was joined last saturday night by the Torres three; Dug, Tiger, and Little Wilber (who is a special needs puppy.) the house turned to instant mayhem the secound the puppies parents left. filled with excitement and confussion our two older doggies, kiah and piper, took to the new puppies like fish to water. it was very cute.
the week has gone by very slowly as most days were spent trying to catch up for lost night-time sleep with the proper amount of naptime sleep.
needless to say, the torres's cant come home soon enough.
the puppies are super adorable though.

puppy pile
Yes, thats six dogs, one chair, and mom.
Kiah, Piper, Daisy
the terrible 3

I'll post more later. :]

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Word for me...

my word for today is Fabulosity! "why?", you might ask, my answer is simply because the world is good.... or because im wearing a new outfit, a comfy pair of jeans, and a "snazzy" necklace that pulls it all together. :]
 Why am i so affected by the simple things in life? well for starters, because new outfits make me happy, a tall starbucks carmel machiota on top, now thats a good day. but also because if you sweat the small things in life, the big things turn into catastrophies. i'm learning that God has all my details already figured out, so why worry? i might as well enjoy all the blessings that he has given me, and take every new obstacle in stride. (in stride with my "Comfy Jeans" that is) :]


.. and i wrote " i love you."

for you my love. <3


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More montana :]

God is soo awesome. this is one of my favorite montana pics that i took. I just love the simpleness of it. :]


so i love this new site i found, its pretty amazing, im creative and artsy so this just kinda fits right in with my personality. <3

this is the website to see more of my creations <3 BrittanyElizabethCreations♥

like my vintage ones! hehe hint; they all kinda have a vintage element to them. ;]

like this one!!!

i'm seriously in love with the easily usable creativness this site allows. how did i not find this sooner? all well, my eyes have been opened!


Monday, February 15, 2010

Quote for you.

18 birthday outfit suggestions from modcloth stylists! :]


Puppy Mayhem....

this lovely holiday week my house is bogged down with six dogs... yes, i said six. all under the age of two... four of them our only 8 weeks old! needless to say, there are many intresting picures to be taken.
Kiah, Piper, Daisy, Dug, Tiger, Wilber.
Enjoy. :]

yup... mayhem is the very word to discribe this situation. :]

Saturday, February 13, 2010


snow is an inspiration. it snowed yesterday in my lovely little town of bonaire, GA.
here are some of my inspired pics from the day of magic.

Me and my Love.