Thursday, June 30, 2011

Today, I felt.... Artsy. :]

Today, i just NEEDED to do something for myself. i needed to express my artistic side. i felt so deprived. Therefore, i did art. :]

First i made some "angry bird" trinkets out of clay; they are each between being dime-sized and being quarter-sized. i will gift them to my lovely fiancé who is a beast at angry birds. ;]

Then I painted my dad a canvas picture of a beach scene. We are huge fans of Myrtle Beach, SC (one of our favorite beach/ vacation spots), so that was my inspiration for "vacation through the window". He is bringing it to work to show it off in his office. :]

Then, because I need something pretty to display over my fireplace mantle in my new apartment I decided I would paint a monochromatic picture of some flowers that I thought would look lovely as a centerpiece/ focal point in the room.

It is a pretty big picture but I love it. :]

Hope you've enjoyed!

BrittanyElizabeth <3


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