Sunday, November 28, 2010


ok, i admit it. ive been slacking on this blog a little. ok... alot! but i have a good excuse, really! i moved to five classes a week at Ai and i have been super busy keeping up with that and with staying active in church and my boyfriends life. all this combined is not easy when you are in a long distance relationship and cant see your other half but once every four months. so talking on the phone daily is crucial. but its working well for us (for now!) until he can move to the salt lake area next fall. speaking of my lovely boyfriend, he is coming to visit for christmas and i am soooo stoked! i have compiled some picture examples of the photo shoot type pictures we want to take. :} we have lots of time apart and lots of pictures to make up for in just nine short days so i took the thinking out of our photoshoot planning for us. here are some pics of what i was thinking for our adoarble photoshoot plans!

the umbrella picture.

a sky looking picture

and a walking away picture. :}

just some ideas! cant wait to see him!!!

Brittany <3


  1. Ugh. I don't envy you. Long distance relationships are the very worst. I think those photos are darling, and can't wait to see them. How fun for you that he is coming to visit!!!

  2. yeah, i am so happy that we get to see each other on my break from school! thanks for the comments! i really enjoy reading them and your blog :] God Bless!


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