Tuesday, August 31, 2010

my inspired photoshoot

for a school picture assignment i had create an interesting picture that incorperates a fruit, an anima l(or person), and a book all into a scene that makes sense and tells a story.
to start with, I found a vintage book that was passed down to my mom from my great grandma.  Then i dressed my cousin in one of my pretty vintage style dresses, did her hair and makeup, and headed out to our backyard to join our fruit trees and get in a few good shots that i could hopefully use for the project. The shoot went great, the only bumpy part was when a HUGE spider decided to sit on little miss muffet's picnick blanket. other than that the pictures came easily, and so did my insperation. after the photoshoot, i edited the pictures a tad, then i repeated the process and took a few pictures of the same style inside the house with my mom as the model. many thanks to my two gorgeous models! (my mom, my cousin ashley. and our dogs of course. they wanted to help too.)
here are my favorite ones that i took tonight. enjoy!

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