Monday, March 1, 2010

big week!

happy march first, everyone!
what a beautiful day god blessed us with today.
today was one of those days that the few realistic love songs are made of. i love the simple things in life. like  after eating a nice, home cooked meal, a simple drive to Mcdonalds with your lover for an apple pie. mmmmmmm! and on the way, laughing and having a great time enjoying each others company. i have to say, being with someone who is your best friend is the only way to have a relationship. Seth is my best friend, and today, and its simple easy fun, was a fairytale. :]

the end of this week however is what im waiting for. my 18th birthday is on march 4th!
and, the very next day the end of a long long journey. my dad returns from his seven month tour of afghanistan. WOOT WOOT! needless to say, this week is gonna be very exciting. hopefully i'll have time to write more. but i think i'm gonna be a tad busy this week. soo now its bed time! i'll have pictures up of our family's happy reunion!

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  1. I am so excited for you! How wonderful to get your dad for your 18th birthday. I hope it is wonderful, and you can continue to live your fairytale story. Everyone deserves one and it makes me so happy to hear when people are actually getting theirs.


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